Pearl class are busy learning about plants this half term.

They have completed a KWL grid to find out what they know so far and asked some questions about what they would like to know. They will complete it at the end of the half term, with lots of things that they have learnt about plants.


They are also completing some seed and bulb diaries to see if they grow differently in different conditions. They have 6 jars on the go to see which one will grow best…

  • Jar A – Water, air, sand and light
  • Jar B – Water, air, light but no soil
  • Jar C – Air, light, soil but no water
  • Jar D – Water, light, soil but no air
  • Jar E – Water, air, soil but no light
  • Jar F – Water, air, soil but kept in the dark.

Which do you think will grow the best?

Come back in a few weeks to see what they have found out. Let them know what you think by commenting on their blog. Click here to see Y2 Pearl class’ original post.


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